1. February 7, 2019
    Being Black in the business entertainment 1518 VMH
  2. February 21, 2019
    Data visualization presented by PWC 2511 VMH
  3. March 7, 2019
    Careers in banking and testimonials 2511 VMH
  4. March 14/15 , 2019
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Uniting minority males with an outcome that reshapes their definition of success.


SBA members and fellow high school students attended the first-ever SBA summit. A summit designed to empower, expose, and reinvent what minority males can accomplish in the professional world. Attendees were able to experience wide variety and a diverse plethora of speakers that shared key insights and life lessons that are beneficial to the development of each individual. With a lasting impression; the SBA and the Summit are helping redefine what success means for minority males within the business school as well personally.
Dean Victor C. Mullins Ph.D. 
The Business Academy was founded in 2012. The mission for the academy is to foster a spirit of scholarship while empowering minority men to actualize their dreams by practicing leadership inside and outside of the classroom. The Business Academy exists to create a community where students are encouraged to challenge themselves academically, sharpen business acumen, develop individual leadership style and engage in impactful service experiences.

I aim to encourage an environment in which men can develop new relationships that promote more interaction and action with student leaders in Smith and at large.

Introduction Meeting Wrap-Up

New Academy members got their first taste of what the Business Academy is all about 

What does it mean to be a Man of Distinction? Members of the Business Academy both old and new, with a special appearance from Dean Mullins, gathered to address this question. It is the goal of the Business Academy to build the professionalism of new members, alongside motivating them to achieve growth academically, socially and personally. The Executive board outlined events for the year for the new members, discussed deliverabes which aim to contribute to their growth, and presented a motivational video which left everyone speechless.

After the presentation, old members of the Business Academy assumed their roles as mentors by going over new members resumes and making edits and giving advice where needed. Having a solid resume is critical when it comes to searching for opportunities, and most employers will not even look at a unkempt resume.

Having to hear what the Business Academy has done for the mentors was inspiring to the new members. These men now have a foundation for what it means to strive for excellence and be a Man of Distinction. While most are early in their college and professional careers, the Academy has no doubt that by the end of the semester, our new members will already be changed men that will be doing amazing things.